Supported ESPs

Anymail currently supports these Email Service Providers. Click an ESP’s name for specific Anymail settings required, and notes about any quirks or limitations:

Anymail feature support

The table below summarizes the Anymail features supported for each ESP.

Email Service Provider Mailgun Mandrill Postmark SendGrid

Anymail send options

metadata Yes Yes No Yes
send_at Yes Yes No Yes
tags Yes Yes Max 1 tag Yes
track_clicks Yes Yes No Yes
track_opens Yes Yes Yes Yes

Batch sending/merge and ESP templates

template_id No Yes Yes Yes
merge_data Yes Yes No Yes
merge_global_data (emulated) Yes Yes Yes

Status and event tracking

anymail_status Yes Yes Yes Yes
AnymailTrackingEvent from webhooks Yes Yes Yes Yes

Trying to choose an ESP? Please don’t start with this table. It’s far more important to consider things like an ESP’s deliverability stats, latency, uptime, and support for developers. The number of extra features an ESP offers is almost meaningless. (And even specific features don’t matter if you don’t plan to use them.)

Other ESPs

Don’t see your favorite ESP here? Anymail is designed to be extensible. You can suggest that Anymail add an ESP, or even contribute your own implementation to Anymail. See Contributing.